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Marchesini M10RS Corse Magnesium

Marchesini M10RS Corse Magnesium

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 Marchesini M10RS Corse MV Brutale 1000 RR (2014-23) Forged Magnesium Wheels

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The unique lightness of forged magnesium is combined with the classic 10-spoke design, distinguished by its special Y shape which represents class and high performance in the motorcycle world.

The M10RS Corse embodies all Marchesini's racing experience. It is a wheel that does not accept compromises, designed for champions and enthusiasts alike who want the maximum for their motorcycles.

The set (the two fitted wheels) weighs only 7.6 kg. Compared with the OE wheels of the major European and Japanese brands, the M10RS Corse is able to reduce weight from 25% to 40% and cut inertia by around 30%.

Marchesini wheels allow significant reduction in weight compared to both OEM and other aftermarket wheel models. The table below shows an example which compares the weight of a wet of Marchesini M10RS Corse wheels (front + rear) with the same OEM wheels for 5 of the most common supersport bike models. 



  • MV Brutale 1000 RR (2014+)
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