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BT-Moto Stage 1+ Performance Calibration for BMW S1000RR (2023) with Handheld Tuner

BT-Moto Stage 1+ Performance Calibration for BMW S1000RR (2023) with Handheld Tuner

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 The best new motorcycle on the market!  US and European model S1000RR's have been restricted from the factory with the US models having worse restrictions than its European counterpart. Stage 1 was developed to remove these restrictions and unlock your S1000RR’s full potential, the difference on the 2023 is the most astonishing out of any BMW to date - a must have.


Included in STAGE 1+:

  • De-restricted Throttle +60hp gains in the midrange, and +20whp over the curve!
  • De-restricted Exhaust Valve and intake flappers, open to 100% in certain riding scenarios for best sound and performance
  • Throttle response increased 12% in every race pro 1-3 mode to reach a target of 100% throttle. Road mode de-sensitized for highway cruise, normally jerky
  • Cruise control jerkiness adjusted for highway cruising tip in and out.
  • Torque limiter of 75% raise to 100% free top end horsepower, 200whp on a stock bike. (a BT Moto exclusive!) 170mph limiter (due to torque) removed will go 190mph GPS on stock sprockets on stock limiter. Viewable in our review video.
  • Better Fueling, cleaned up for maximum fueling economy and horsepower gains
  • Second and third gear transmission limiter removed
  • Enhanced and restructured hard cut rev-limiter
  • Mapping available for different modification combos
  • Heat Management through better fueling, and lower cooling fan strategy
  • A second and a half off your 60-130!


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