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BT-Moto Stage 2 Upgrade for BMW S1000RR (2023-24)

BT-Moto Stage 2 Upgrade for BMW S1000RR (2023-24)

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Following the release of our popular Stage 1 Flash we needed to sit down and really start to look at what the 2023 truly has to offer.  Anyone with our Stage 1 Flash will tell you how much it improved acceleration, fixed the OEM idle issues, and made the motorcycle feel better and more smooth overall.  Stage 2 has months of research and development behind it as well as datalogging and dyno testing.  The new 2023 S1000RR is familiar to us but also completely changed.  To that end we were able define new ECU strategies that we can help make this already impressive bike even more impressive.   Stage 2 is a feature map making the bike more consistent, more reliable, and smoother. 

Includes all benefits of Stage 1 IAT KIT + flapper and opening up the airbox, with these added features:

  • Automatic Octane adjustments
  • NEW FOR 2023, End of Injection adjustments for top end power carrying to redline
  • Designed with or without our velocity stack system
  • Corrected QUIET cold/warm start idle specific to stage2
  • Re-calibrated timing for maximum power
  • Lower max lambda, leaner high RPM Target for maximum power
  • Higher RPM limit without throttle cut for racing
  • Perfected fuel correction for VP or E85 fuels
  • 20% faster up and downshifts
  • Can utilize our optional IAT extension kit and intake flapper removal kit


Developed on the dyno with our shop 2023 BMW S1000RR, Stage 2 really goes above and beyond our Stage 1 tuning. The red shows the 2023 S1000RR as completely stock. Keep in mind stock has restrictions in the midrange AND top end of the new 2023 S1000RR. The gains are enormous. +32WHP and +17WTQ! Peak gains are great but the gains go all the way to 2,000RPM to redline.


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