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Bitubo Race Suspension RRH Moto2 Fork Kit

Bitubo Race Suspension RRH Moto2 Fork Kit

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RRH Fork Kit completely outphases the old technology that used to rely on external compensating trays, controls at the bottom, complex and delicate hydraulic systems, by concentrating all the controls at the top for faster adjustments, lightening the unsprung masses and with them the total weight of the system.


 The small height of the fork foot reduces the forces discharged on the stem for increased smoothness and front-end control.


  • Precise Steering: the greater rigidity and smoothness of the structure offers greater feeling to the rider in braking
  • Increased Stability: front-end, perfect control of the descent even in the violent braking sections
  • Better Grip: immediate hydraulic control
  • Even tire wear
  • Optimize speed while entering, during and exiting a curve

Technical Specs: 
LC= Light Components
FPS = Full Pressure System
EC = Easy Changer

Sheaths: 51/56 mm
Length 740 mm
Weight 7.720 gr


• Spring preload 15mm = 15 turns
• Compression (24 clicks)
• Extension (24 clicks)


The package includes 2 more spare springs with different stiffness rates for the different set-ups, in order to get the best control of the highest performance levels.


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